The company

Dear clients, our offer currently includes more than a thousand flats and commercial premises in new buildings located in Prague and its surrounding areas. We of course also offer a lot of so-called "second hand" real estate (everything except for new buildings) such as older flats, houses, cabins, cottages and plots of land. Private investment opportunities in the field of real estate also deserve special attention. On this website, you will only find a sample from such a wide portfolio by way of reference. We select the real estate which you may find here from an internal system for you in such a way that it accommodates your ideas, requirements and the financial options open to you as far as possible in terms of the meeting here in our office”

Individual approach

We take an individual approach to our clients. We ensure comprehensive real estate, legal and financial services in such a way that the whole transaction is implemented via our office and the clients do not have to burden themselves looking for other companies which offer only partial services. This of course has an impact on the total price of our services, which in the end is more advantageous than if the client were to cooperate with several partners. The relationship between individual operations is also more flexible

Reaction of clients

The very positive reaction of our clients and the fact that many of them repeatedly come back to us, confirms the fact that we have set out in the right direction, and although estate agents in the Czech Republic do not have a very good reputation, we are convinced that we can contribute towards people being able to safely choose a professional and serious partner in terms of implementation of their own real estate transaction, which for many people is the largest transaction in their life.

We are a member of the Association of Real Estate Offices of the Czech Republic

Our company is a member of Association of Real Estate Offices of the Czech Republic (AREO CZ) - see HERE

The Association of Real Estate Offices of the Czech Republic is the largest professional association of specialist, dealers and other professionals active on the real estate market in the Czech Republic. The association was established in 1991 by several estate agents from various locations in the Czech Republic and the membership base currently comprises around 200 estate agents from all over the country. 

Every member of AREO CZ undertakes to comply with the Articles of Association of AREO CZ and the Code of Ethics of a real estate broker. Members are compulsorily insured against risk resulting from real estate activities, this being for the amount of 1 million crowns. Apart from this, they must supplement their professional knowledge and undergo a test of their knowledge once every 5 years. Every client can express their possible dissatisfaction with the services of members of AREO CZ by making a complaint which will then be resolved by the Supervisory Board of AREO CZ.

A working group was created in 2013 on the basis of recommendation by the Economic Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, the task of which is to prepare a draft of a legal standard on performance of real estate activity. This legal standard will mean creation of specific rules for the activity of estate agents and thus restriction of undesirable operations by unreliable brokers. Via its representatives, AREO CZ is participating, as a representative of the professional public, in creation of this act.

Asociace realitních kanceláří - Agena reality s.r.o.


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